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Saveology Complaint - Fraud! Scam! Beware of Saveology and Support Squad!!
Saveology Complaint

Saveology Complaint


Fraud! Scam! Beware of Saveology and Support Squad!!

I called Saveology to sign up for Dish Network based on a promotion that was advertised in a mailer. Upon calling, several things are clarified that are extremely misleading ("No setup fees and no installation fees!" Oh, but there's a $50 processing fee! But we forgot to put that on the ad!). They force you to sign up for a "free trial" of some service called "Support Squad" - supposedly a tech support service. I aggressively tried to decline the "free trial", but was told that I needed to cancel it after it was processed instead. Whatever. The call goes on and more shady practices are uncovered and I tell the guy on the phone I changed my mind; I don't want to sign any kind of contract with a company that's this crooked. He convinces me to let the tech come by the next day and I can read the contract, if I still don't want to sign it, all charges will be reversed and I won't be penalised at all... fine. I finish the call and hang up. An hour later, I'm still thinking about it, and still mad, so I call Saveology back and cancel. I check the next day, and the $57 or whatever has been credited back to my account.

Fast forward three months - I notice a charge on my credit card that I don't recognise - "Support Squad - $9.99 - 888-225-8568". I search my email for "support squad" and see the initial email from Saveology. So, I call the phone number and explain that the service was cancelled, I never wanted it in the first place, I don't have Dish Network, and I never got any bills, receipts, confirmations or even account info from "Support Squad" to even be able to use their services. They say that they can only reverse 1 month's worth of charges. They say that they can't reverse anything more than that because I purchased the service through a 3rd party reseller (Saveology), but the CSR also says that Saveology couldn't reverse the charges either. After arguing with them for about 20 minutes, she offers to pull the recording of the initial call - if I didn't authorise the charges, then she could reverse them. Well, the problem is, even IF I authorised the charges, I called back an hour later and cancelled! "Well, sir, they wouldn't be able to cancel the charges then because they're only a 3rd party reseller." "Whatever, pull the call. While I'm waiting the 3 weeks it takes to do that, I'll call them, and maybe I'll call my credit card company and report the charges as fraudulent." I hang up.

Next, I call Saveology and start at the beginning of the story. They say they can't reverse the changes because they're only a 3rd party reseller.

Me:"Whatever. You guys are the ones that sold me the service. You guys are the ones that cancelled the Dish Network service. You guys are the ones that should have told me how to cancel the Support Squad service. Now, let me talk to your manager and voice my complaint before I call my credit card company and dispute the charge with them."

So, that CSR tells me that I should have called and cancelled the first time I was charged the $10 (a month after this was supposed to be CANCELLED), after all, "that's why they provide their phone number on the credit card charge." So, apparently, that's it, when you sign up for this "totally legitimate tech support company", they don't send you any emails, no snail mail, no account information, no introduction, no list of services, no welcome letter... nothing. They just bill you, and if you have any questions, you're expected to get the phone number from that line of your credit card statement. That's not shady at all! Soooo... the CSR gets her manager and they decide to "make an exception and refund all the charges".

Me: "Wait... I thought Saveology was just a 3rd party reseller and they couldn't refund the charges?!?!"

Saveology: "Sir, I said that we are a reseller for Dish Network, and I couldn't refund any charges from them."
Me: "Who said anything about charges from Dish Network? I didn't ask you ANYTHING about Dish Network! This is the first time anybody mentioned Dish Network during this call! So, you are affiliated with Support Squad then?"
Saveology: "Yes, sir, that's what I said..."
Me: "Whatever. You should hurry up and process my refund before I lose it."
Saveology: "You should see the refund on you credit card statement within 14 business days"

What a friggin' scam!! Beware of Saveology and Support Squad! If these people get a hold of your credit card number, make sure you check your statements! And keep checking your statements!!

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FayDeeDee says: (6 years ago)
I have just been SCAMMED! I called Time Warner Cable customer care to complain about their service and all of a sudden, I was told to hold on, I held on for like ten minutes. A voice came back to announce that I have been unduly held on for too long and so that I have a compensation in a gift card of $100 to be sent to me! Before I could say my issues have not been heard, I was transferred to another line where all the questions were how I will receive 3 magazines for $0.99. I am not a magazine freak and this I insisted but before he persuaded me to try the 3 mags and then will transfer me back to Time Warner Cable. I gave him my card number, more so, it was to be “just 99cents”. I was shocked when I got a transaction alert on my card! My account has been charged $19.47. What a way to scam! I was sure this is scam; I told the guy I am not interested in any Magazine. The thing is that I called TIME WARNER CABLE customer care legitimately but I ended up being duped! Can I get a refund, please?

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